LULU Crêpe is a mobile stand that makes fresh, sweet, organic crêpes.  The recipe is 100% organic made with quality ingredients while creating a unique and authentic experience. Starting October 1st, the stand will be setting up weekly at Kiln Coffee Bar in downtown Grand Junction, which we are absolutely thrilled about. We strongly believe crêpes and coffee compliment each other in the perfect way :)


In France, a woman named Lucienne “Lulu” Fonde had stacks of crêpes ready for her grandchildren every afternoon when they came home from school. My mother was one of those grandchildren sitting at the table enjoying her grandmother’s delicious handmade crêpes. Thankfully, my mother carried on the tradition of making crêpes for my siblings and I, with Lulu’s exact recipe. My love for crêpes has grown over the years and I am very happy to be able to share the tradition with more people.

operated at Kiln Coffee Bar

326 Main St, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Tue 8am-12pm

Thu 8am-12pm

Fri 12pm-4pm

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